Petits gateaux, tartes & entremets au fil des saisons


Stephane Glacier & Jerome Le Teuff
French & English
269 pages, hardcover

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89 recipes – Picture of finished dessert – Photos of cake in the creation stages, to walk you through the steps – Computer graphic of dessert with identification of each layer and topping

The recipes in this book include desserts with common-sounding names like cheesecake, macaroons and tarts, with 17 recipes for sponge cake alone.
Other names sound less familiar: Millefeuille, Valenciana and Choux, to name just a few. But the commonplace sound of the names belies what’s seen in the photos. Take the lemon tart, pictured on page 186: a base with a fluted edge, a ring of chopped pistachios and a mound of lemon cream with a shiny yellow coat, topped with a raspberry and a thin white chocolate square with faint stripes of green. Crispy, creamy, fruity or nutty, the layered and multi-component cakes and tarts in this volume took ambition to create, but you can make them too and serve desserts fit–in appearance and taste–for a banquet hall.

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